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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Subtitles for videos – DotSUB

DotSUB is a new WEB 0.2 solution for delivering viral content on different languages. Users may contribute their translation for a video, style wikipedia, with user friendly subtitling tools. You may contribute a translation and even raise some revenues. You may also upload your video to DotSub, which is acting as a video sharing site in a way, and somebody else may contribute subtitling for it. So you can get a subtitled version of your video and embed it to your site or blog then.
Certainly, this is just the very beginning of the viral interpreting and there is more solutions to come in the future.

YouTube Starts Paying Star Users

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Chukcha 🙂

Top 10 Video Sharing Websites


According to these are:

2) VideoEgg
3) Dailymotion
4) YouTube
5) Veoh
6) Google Video
7) Grouper
8) Jumpcut

9) AOL
10) Eyespot

Read the full article here and take a look at the tables which analyze data from known video sharing sites.

Let me disagree with that rating, on a personal level, of cause.

I would rate it:

1) Metacafe

For a best video circulation technology – your video has a chance to be seen, comparing to other sharing sites, where your work would drow in the ocean of other stuff. Moreover, you have a chance to earn some money for something you did. Clear and comfortable uploading. Well done fluent video player. File storage limit of 100M is a disadvantage, thought most of the content is pretty short, which makes it enough.

2) Vimeo

For its young, creative and free spirit community. Key word is “community” – you are not alone there in your wonderings. Vimeo’s interface is also pretty nice and intuitive – young and fresh.

3) Youtube

For its classic nature.

But it’s just me. You are welcome to share you opinion on the 3 best video sharing sites from your point of view.

Berik 🙂

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The 48 Hour Film Project

If you gonna be in Tel Aviv on 27-29 on June,

you can take a part in the original film competition

that asks filmmakers to produce a movie in just 48 hours.

Don’t cry if you can’t make it to Tel Aviv to that date,

since it is a worldwide competition and you may find it

in your city or somewhere in around.

cHeCK iT oUt!